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When it comes to pain, it’s frustrating not to be heard by your provider.

At Better Care Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, we listen intently to your needs, carefully explain all your options, and customize a treatment plan with you that gets you out of pain and back to your life.

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care addresses a multitude of musculoskeletal conditions. Our chiropractic team specializes in identifying the source of pain and creating a custom plan of care for each patient to suit their unique circumstance. The following symptoms and conditions can be handled by our chiropractic team:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Joint pain - hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist
  • Migraines or chronic headaches
  • Neuropathy
  • Herniated Disc
A woman getting a physical therapy from a man

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy utilizes various interventions, including therapeutic modalities, exercises, and functional activities to promote pain relief, restore motion, and improve strength. Physical therapy can help patients facing:

  • Accident injury recovery
  • Sports injury recovery
  • Sports injury prevention
  • Surgery recovery
  • Back pain
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Joint pain
A man doing a demo with a cervical model | Pain Management Injections

Pain Management Injections

Pain management injections are a non-invasive option for pain relief. These injections can be useful for pain relief and as a diagnostic tool to help identify the source of pain. The following pain injections are available:

  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Joint pain management injections
  • Facet joint injections
  • Trigger point injections
  • Nerve blocks
  • Sacroiliac joint injections
A woman checking an old man's shoulder injury | Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Meet the future of injury recovery and pain management. Regenerative Medicine is the regeneration or replacement of cell tissue through targeted, ultrasound-guided injection of donated tissue or platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The injection of this tissue or PRP can help replace, regrow, repair, cushion, lubricate and protect damaged tissue and cartilage in the joints and body.

Patients who have experienced injuries or degeneration to any joint in the body (including the spine & neck) and those injuries have not responded to conventional pain management measures are excellent candidates for Regenerative Medicine. Damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage can benefit from treatment.

A yellow-headed huge truck | DOT Physicals

DOT Physicals

We offer Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals as mandated by the FMCSA for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers. The DOT physical helps determine if a driver is physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to operate a CMV.

If you are a commercial driver, be sure to bring a complete list of medications, eyeglasses and or hearing aids if you use them. If you have diabetes you should bring your most recent lab results and a list of your medical history.

If you pass your physical, we will provide you with a certificate and copy to give to your employer.

A pool used for Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

What is it?

It is exercise performed in a pool.  The water is heated to approximately 90 degrees.  Don’t worry if you can’t swim--Exercises can be performed in waist-to-shoulder depth water.  

What type of injuries/illnesses respond best to water therapy?  

Arthritis, Obesity, Post-surgical repairs of the knee, hip and shoulder, Lumbar disc injuries, and Compression fractures are the most common indications for aquatic therapy.  Patients who are overweight or suffer with fibromyalgia respond well to aquatic therapy too!  

When is aquatic therapy contra-indicated?

It is safe for all injuries with the exception of open wounds.  Post-surgical cases must have full closure of the incision prior to entering the water.  

Why water therapy instead of land-based therapy?

People who get overly sore with land therapy respond well with aquatic therapy!

The buoyancy of water reduces gravitational pressures that typically increases pain to arthritic joints, joint replacements and injured intervertebral discs.  In addition, water provides equal pressures around the body part so multi-directional strengthening can be obtained.  Another benefit is that the water will slow movement and reduce forces, thus allowing for a safer strengthening program.

How can I start aquatic therapy?

Ask your physician to refer you to our facility or you can contact our office for evaluation and consideration for entry into the aquatic therapy program.  Let us help you get back to being ACTIVE!

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